Back to School

I received an email today announcing that glorious time of one month until school starts again. This is the time where we prep and buy school supplies, new clothes and shoes. We re-hash our wonderful summer adventures and prepare for the easily forgotten routine of strict bedtimes and breakfast schedules. This year, however, I find myself approaching it with a heavy heart. Six weeks
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Some Days are Rough

Today was a rough day. Not a bad day, just a typical Monday further complicated by the finicky world that is Cancer treatment. Savannah continues to thrive, spending increasing amounts of time out and about doing all things that a six year old should do. She received her Stem Cells last Tuesday without a hitch followed by blood and platelets on Thursday. She handles
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Enjoy the Journey

I’ll be quick with the medical as they are somewhat boring and somewhat painful. Savannah checked in for her MIBG treatment last Monday and handled the treatment like a champ. She began the day by having a Foley catheter placed as well as a NG tube and IV. Due to her increasing drop in blood counts she received a hefty blood transfusion as well.
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Haha, Just Kidding

As I explained in my last post our plan was to move forward with a Phase 1 clinical trial that Savannah was supposed to start this Monday. Unfortunately due to the lingering disease in her bone marrow her blood production is still wavering and she did not qualify to begin. We had the option to re-scan and check for progressive cancer and try to
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Feeling Good

Operation Cactus or bust was a success! As you can see from the picture even though that is not a Saguaro cactus she was thrilled with every one that she found. Which, being in the desert there were cactus everywhere! (If you have not checked the Myrickstrong Facebook page yet, I suggest you do, the pictures are awesome!) The car ride into Tucson was
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Cactus or Bust!

Scan results were given Tuesday and I have just needed a few days to wrap my head around the whole thing. Like a band aid: top to bottom? Here goes: The tumor in her head is significantly smaller. No surprise the radiation did it’s thing, The chemo that was meant to kill the tumor did not work and the tumor in her head is still
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