Cactus or Bust!

Scan results were given Tuesday and I have just needed a few days to wrap my head around the whole thing. Like a band aid: top to bottom? Here goes: The tumor in her head is significantly smaller. No surprise the radiation did it’s thing, The chemo that was meant to kill the tumor did not work and the tumor in her head is still
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Celebrate What You Can

I apologize for the lack of details this past week. It has been-quite a week. Monday we went in, Savannah tired, me just looking for answers requesting an exam before they even drew labs. I was done questioning myself and her state of health. She was feverish upon lab draw so we were admitted right away but not before I was able to sit
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A Mother Knows

Thursday did not bring the hopeful counts we were looking for. Savannahs blood counts actually dropped the lowest they have ever been. The bottom half of her CBC was all 0s still and her hemoglobin was only 4 (low level of healthy is 11). This was so low that for the first time ever Savannah got 2 units of blood that day. Not one
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The Rainbow Connection

I sincerely apologize for my lack of updates and response to emails. Sometimes when you don’t know what to say it’s best to say nothing at all I guess. Savannahs response to the previous round of chemo has actually gone better than expected. She was of course Neutropenic last week and remains with an ANC of only 10. The bottom half of her labs
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And now we wait

Surprise today was that Savannah was not in need of platelets like expected. Her parameters for infusion are 20 but as she has been a-symptomatic we are looking for 10. Today she was at 25 with no oozing – so still staying strong!  Her White blood counts and neutrophils did bottom out so I think her ANC is some ridiculously low level like 6
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This week has really gone off without a hitch. She did awesome handling the radiation/chemo combo on Monday and Tuesday and she completely rocked Wednesday! That’s right, she’s done with radiation! Fitting for the day as part of the CCBD spirit week it was Ninja Turtle day. Her art therapist made her a turtle mask and she soared through her chemo treatment with a
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