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9 Months!

Nine months and another declaration of No Evidence of Disease! Today was another miracle in the life after cancer. Blood work is just as normal as you or I and her scans turned out beautifully. She sailed through the process today and of course took time to dance in the Atrium and adventure through the grounds with a smile on her face. We saw
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Another year…

Another year, oh my! I contemplated all weekend about writing this blog. Is it valid? Is it information worth being shared, I asked myself over and over. The answer (now obvious) came from the realization that once again I’ve kept you from the all the best times. Tomorrow (or today) March 17th is the two year anniversary of diagnosis. Not the actual diagnosis which
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Another Three Months

Hey There Everyone! Savannah has just passed the 6 month milestone and so far so good! She has taken PreK by force and is of course still smiling her way through life. She has a knowledge of certain things that are way beyond us mere mortals and is always amusing her teachers (and us) with her matter of fact/nothing phases me attitude. Izabella is settling slowly into
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Full Circle

It’s been months. Three to be exact. Three months and Savannahs tests and scans show that she is still disease free! She has been doing great. She started pre-school and of course is friends with everybody. Bella has started third grade and is adjusting as best as she can. Her work load has increased and she still struggles daily with doing her best and
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I can’t believe it, we are here. Completion of treatment. Holy crap! Tomorrow (or today) is her final surgery to remove the last central line. I spoke with Savannahs PA yesterday and actually got a referral to her pediatrician to begin re-immunization befor school starts. A pediatrician! A regualr primary care doctor! This is more than surreal. Yesterday the girls and I went for
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She made it through the last three days with flying colors. She was a trooper and did awesome during all of her appointments. Blah blah blah. That’s not the information you’re looking for. While we are still waiting on the reults of the urine, it’s not really a concern.   All scans and bone marrow are Free and Clear! She is Officially (and unofficially)
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